Details of the recent Mega Fortune jackpot win

Canada CasinoSimultaneous with the Mega Moolah, which set a new record in online casinos, a more modest Mega Fortune jackpot was won. Details of this event have recently emerged. The NetEnt casino where the jackpot was busted turned out to be PokerStars, and the winner was a punter from Lower Saxony, Germany.  

According to a source, the punter, known as StatisticPro, returned from work late at night and decided to play the slots. After a while, a $2.5 bet activated a bonus game and then won him the Mega Fortune Mega progressive jackpot of $4,077,973.42. On this topic Multiplying at 594,500x and Mega May winnings at Casumo Casino As usual, the punter said that at first he could not believe his luck, waking his wife, who also at first could not believe it and even thought that his husband was joking. They decided to spend the money on home repairs, buying a country house, buying a minivan and setting aside money for their children’s education. They would also present the money to their relatives. What’s most interesting, the casino published a video capturing the moment of winning. So, you can even admire how it all happens. I don’t know where a couple hundred dollars went, because the casino says on their website that the winnings were $4,077,973.42 and the video says $4,078,112.92.