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Identify when will be the payout of a pokie machine

Secrets of AtlantisAt the time you play pokies it is expected that you want to receive cash. And what is more, to make this not only a single time but periodically. So experienced players try to find some paths to more regular payout. “What way to realize that a pokie machine will pay” – may be one of the most frequently asked questions, so we decided to essentially go into the matter. We found some of the theories online, tried to test them in practice, but then chose to talk to an expert, to a man who works on the factory, where pokie machines are produced.

What is a system behind a slot machine?

NetEnt Steam TowerLet’s start with learning what is the principle of the slot machine. It is frequently named ‘return to player’. This shows the amount of money that was put into a machine and will be returned from the machine to the player. The average percentage of online pokie machines is about 95-96%, so the casino keeps around 5%. The land-based slot machines have about 75-87% of the

return. Eventually, it is expected that a machine gives out less than takes in. But what these percents mean? For instance, a machine has 92% of retrieval to client percent, this means that the expected refund is 92$ of every 100$ bet. However, payoffs don’t come all in once.

But what is the principle of determining when to payout? How a pokie machine understands, that it is a moment for paying a winning combination? And how it is decided what will be the amount of payout? Probably, there exist some winning combinations inside the

machine and we want to find it out exactly!

The Random Number Generator (RNG) determines who should win

Actually, it defines which combination is picked. The RNG is spinning all the possible outcomes and at the time you decide to push a button, it stops on a certain combination of numbers. Each combination is connected with the outcome of the spin. It is you who decide when to stop the spinning machine, but you don’t know on which number it stopped and you don’t know whether this number is winning or not. This is the sense of random machines – you cannot affect their outcome! However, there may be some hints not concerning pokie machines themselves but still can make you a little bit closer to the jackpot.

Remember we told you about the return to the player percentage? Online houses for gambling have a higher percentage than land-based. But it is impossible to predict the system of online casinos. However, we can figure something out with the other ones and try to find the best pokie machine to win on.

3 Tips for you

Hint 1. Choose places with linked progressive jackpots. Just glance at it, there should be a range for payment. Something like “Has to win between 500$ and 1000$” This means that a pokie machine should repay before it reaches 1000$, so start to play when it’s approaching the highest amount.

Hint 2. Always try to keep an eye on the other players. They try to win a jackpot too. It may happen that someone has recently had a big payout. Usually, people stop playing after this. But we think at that time machines are loaded with coins so the possibility to win rather good medium win is high.

Hint 3. The best tip. Get friends with the bartender. This is a guy who always sees what is going around pokie machines. He can tell you when a coin hopper was cleaned, when was the last big payout, whether someone was betting for a long time without having many payouts.

Well, maybe these tips won’t help you to trick a pokie machine, but at least they can help you to save money. And they tell you when it’s beer not to play, as there is no chance to win.

So we gave you different pokie machine tips on what way to recognize if a pokie machine is going to pay. To conclude, it would be worth saying that these shabby tricks won’t tell you exactly, that you are the one who will get a bag of money. There may be some other hints and techniques. If you discovered them, share them with us!